Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brief Intro

Our blog is dedicated to all hardworking Call Center agents especially in the Philippines who braved the nightly duties. The growing numbers of Call Centers relatively enabled the operators to branch out to other areas outside Manila. Other locations are in the key cities in the Northern and Southern parts of Manila.

There is no age limit but health and the willingness of the agent to be assigned on night shifts are the key requirements. An agent must undergo rigid training after the final interview. The agent has to pass the training. After the training, one has to pass the qualifying phone lab and must satisfy the members of the quality assurance before the agent will be allowed to go on the floor full time.

Most Philippines Call Centers have English speaking customers. There are some who hires Spanish speaking agents for higher salaries. Call Center could either be inbound or outbound. While most hires voice agents, some hires online agents that communicate with customers through e-mails.

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